Susie (susies1955) wrote in rachael_ray,

Buffalo Chicken Salad (YUMMO!)

I made Rachael's Buffalo Chicken Salad and it was "OH SO GOOD"! The only changes were that I don't care for hot stuff so I used just 1 teaspoon of hot sauce and filled the rest of the 1/4 cup with Mild Taco Sauce and I added cut chives to the top. It was so good.
I will defiantly be making this again.
Buffalo Chicken Salad

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I love Rachael and make her food very often.
I do leave out much of the hot stuff myself. :D
I had read that 'some' of RR's recipes were a tad on the spicy side so from the very first recipe I tried until now I have used about 1/3 or less of the amount of spices and only use a fraction of the hot sauce. It has worked out great. :)
This is all new to me. For over 34 years I have never used anything in my cooking.......not even salt and pepper. I always let the family use salt and pepper themselves if they wanted it. What a boring life we had led. LOL!
Finding Rachael has been SO good for me and my family.