Susie (susies1955) wrote in rachael_ray,

Pretty new to Rachael Ray and looking for help......

Hi Everyone,
I'm pretty new to Rachael Ray. I tried watching her several years ago and just didn't get into what I saw. I tried again a few months ago and loved the show. I watched quite a few before I tried any recipes.
I've made quite a few of her recipes and have loved everyone.
I'm 52 and married 34 years. In all of those years I did get into bread baking, cake from scratch, cookies and meals were pretty much your basic cheeseburger, hot dogs, meatloaf, shake and bake pork and chicken and potatoes but very plain and boring and a few out of the can vegetables.
I've got all but four of Rachael's books and I'm loving her Furi 5" knife.
I have had quite a few questions pop up and I'm hoping that I can turn to all of you for help when I need it.
I will probably post some questions at a  later time.
This is the second dish I tried. The first one was Meatball And Macaroni Soup but I forgot to take a photo. 
This is Pork Chops With Home Made Apple Sauce(Page 90 Top 30 Minute Meals Comfort Food) and Stuffed Potato With The Works ( Page 46 30 Minute Meals 2)!
Pork Chops With Home Made Apple Sauce and Stuffed Potatoes With The Works!
Hope you all come back out of the wood work. :)
Susie in northern NY
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